Teeth Whitening & Bleaching


Teeth Whitening

As time goes by, your teeth can gradually turn from white to yellow in color. The yellowing process may be a result from the foods in your diet, because of smoking, or simply due to the nature of growing older. When a child’s teeth first “erupt,” or come in, they appear a brilliant white, which is why people typically associate gleaming white teeth with looking younger.

If you want to reclaim a brilliant white smile (and reclaim some youth!), come into OC Smile and ask about our teeth whitening treatments. It’s true that area drugstores sell many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but professional teeth whitening by our professionals at OC Smile is a superior option. Our treatments are:


We use stronger bleaching agents than are available in OTC treatments and use light-activation to make them work better. You’ll see dramatic results in less than an hour.

Longer Lasting

Our in-office treatments can last up to two years.


Before you even begin, we will advise you on if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, warn you of any risks, and set expectations.

More Effective

One available option is an at-home treatment using a tray that you fill with the bleaching agent. We customize the tray to fit your bite exactly, and allow the entire surface of your teeth to stay in contact with the whitening agent.


A professional whitening treatment won’t expose your gums to bleaching agents.

Your Smile, Our Passion.