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The OC Smile Dental & Orthodontics way. To establish great oral health habits and a program of preventative dental care in every patient’s life, while providing the best patient care and customer service in a comfortable environment.

At OC Smile, we care about your teeth, and we use the best equipment available to diagnose and treat your needs. Whether you require a teeth cleaning, braces, or have an interest in cosmetic dentistry, we can help you. Rest assured, we always do what’s best for you and your family.

Our vision is to create a family centered dental practice focused on providing excellent care, professional service and the ultimate experience in oral healthcare. You can trust that OC Smile will take care of you and your family. That’s our promise to you.

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Holistic dentistry, also called biological dentistry or biocompatible dentistry, is an approach to dentistry that promotes health and wellness (ie. prevention), as opposed to simply treating a disease once it’s present. This approach to dentistry encompasses both modern science and knowledge drawn from the world’s great traditions on natural healing.

As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

OC Smile Dental & Orthodontics also believes that ‘prevention is the best form of treatment.’ Proper patient education and helping our patients ‘avoid’ problems in the first place is at the top of our priority list.

For those patients that do have problems that need to be fixed, our ‘wholistic’ and ‘holistic’ approaches allow our team of healthcare professionals to perform complex, comprehensive dentistry that involves more than the teeth and gums… it involves the face, head, neck and entire body.

The mouth is a gateway to our bodies, and thus what we put in our mouth could affect our entire body. As a ‘metal free’ and ‘mercury free’ office, we pride ourselves on using only the ‘best of the best’ materials that are biocompatible and neutral!

Dental Health

Your dental health is important to us. We take your oral hygiene seriously, from infancy to adulthood. We believe healthy smiles are happy smiles. We’re happy to provide tips on maintaining optimal dental health for you or your child. In this section, you’ll find recommendations on oral hygiene, braces care and children’s dental hygiene.

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