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By the time someone is around 12 or 13 years old, all their permanent teeth should have finished erupting into the mouth.  The exceptions are the third molars, known as the wisdom teeth, which typical don’t start “erupting” from beneath the gums until early adulthood.  Wisdom teeth, unfortunately, frequently become problematic.  They might emerge at odd angles and push against other teeth; they can even become trapped in the jawbone.  The problem is that many people’s bites can’t spare the extra room for new molars, and when a wisdom tooth doesn’t have room to come in, it becomes impacted.  This can cause pain, infection, crooked teeth, nerve damage, tooth decay, and other serious health problems.

Impacted wisdom teeth and their associated problems can be hard to predict in advance and surgical extraction can be difficult at later ages. That’s why we often recommend removing wisdom teeth in young adults as a preventative measure.  Removing wisdom teeth is a common outpatient procedure that OC Smile performs right in our offices.  After the first 24 hours, you will need to rest and avoid certain food, but you’ll find that recovery is fairly quick.  The procedure is a simple one that will help you avoid many dental problems in the future.

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This is a fabulous dental office staff is so friendly kind and patient just yesterday I called for my sons ortho appointment I let them know I wasn’t going to be able to make it, the receptionist Kalei was so kind and rescheduled my Boy for Tuesday. Every time I take him we are in and out, I recommend…

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Great Office, Great Staff, Great Care! From setting appointment (Kalei was super helpful) to having my work done, I was very impressed by the professionalism and over the top care that I received. I highly recommend this office!

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